Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now, in building French Toast with Croissants as the base, one is faced with yet another important choice... or three.

Do we fill those nooks and crannies  in the sliced Croissant up with eggsy goodness, and then transfer to the pan solid backside down?

Doing so presents a 'filled' croissant that requires slower cooking at lower heat to cook all the way through.  It must be nearly done before flipping in the pan.  Gives an interesting result.... quite thick and rich, a veritable meal in a serving.  More like a German pancake than French toast, it's still an avenue worth looking into..... one day.

See, it's not really french toast this way.  It's good... no... it's GREAT..... but it's not French toast.  

So, instead let us dip the croissant in the goodness, allow it some soak time, and then drain off most of what can easily be dripped from the nooks and crannies.   Then, into the medium hot pan slathered with melted butter, we drop the croissant open side down.  There it rests till nicely browned, and ready for a last flip on the road to syrup soaking heaven.
This leaves us a much lighter and fluffier French toast, far more visually appealing and with the occasional valley and pothole to hold melted butter and warmed maple syrup.

After all.... what is French toast?  It should be light and lusciously tasty, with a appeal to the eye that sets the mouth aflame with desire and anticipation. 

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Old NFO said...

Nicely done, I'll have to remember that!