Monday, January 28, 2013

Personal Defense Weapons

After a long enough time, the lies and maliciousness lose their entertainment value.  Word twisting, arm twisting, carefully planned fallacies and falsehoods.... it gets old.

To date, when *I* own a rifle that's black(ish) and looks like something that frightens hoplophobes, it's been termed an 'Assault Rifle'.  Yet, when the government wishes to use taxpayer money to buy true select fire assault rifles for themselves, they are suddenly termed 'Personal Defense Weapons'.

I am tired of fighting against the slack jawed followers of modern day power hungry reincarnations of Jim Jones, blindly doing what they are told, saying what they are told, and thinking what they are told.

I give in.

From now on, any rifle I own that even approximates what our own Federal Government has now decided are 'Personal Defense Weapons'.... well mine shall be termed that too.

After all, no modern weapon I OWN has been used for assaulting anything or anyone, ever.  In fact, I regard them as self defense weapons, so it's only fitting I adopt the term our current government chooses.


Happy now?

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