Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thoughts on compromise....

There are some who say politics is a game of compromise.   Perhaps this is so, but if it's the case I'll say it's a large part of what makes politics the slitheringly filthy game it is.

You see..... some things cannot be compromised on.

The word (and concept) 'Compromise' means for all parties to give up something they desire, in order to reach agreement.  That sounds all well and good, till one enters the realm of principles.  There, how can one compromise?  The instant one trades away a principle, it's no longer worthy of the title, and becomes only a point of temporary interest.

In another arena, 'Compromise' is simply another name for surrender.  Offered as example, take a case where one man wishes to remain healthy and uninjured, and another man wishes the first to be dead.   Ready.... Set..... Compromise!  No matter how one looks at it, the first man loses ground and the second gains towards his goal.

"You have a sausage and I want some... lets compromise, and you give me half, okay?"

"No?  How about weapons then.... lets compromise on that, at least.  Instead of us taking them away, lets be reasonable and say they must be registered and kept at your local club under lock and key.  Okay?  You can go along with that?  Good."

"Now that we have compromised on weapons, and thank you for that, where the %$#@ is your sausage?  I'm taking it all now, and there's nothing you can do about it".

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, compromise is us giving up everything and the left giving up nothing... NOT on my watch...