Monday, March 18, 2013

401 K's

Here, an article discussing how folks are herding up to tap into their 401k retirement accounts. This is understandable, on a very personal level, being unemployed myself at the moment.

Americans have stored a LOT of their wealth in 401k's, IRA, pension accounts, and other ways of financing their own retirement.   I've seen numbers in the trillion dollar range.... and that's a lot of zeros.

There is no doubt in my mind, none at all, that the folks who used up $15 million in Congressional hair care services over the last three years would dearly love to get control of that money.  It would be enough to stave off the collapse of their pyramid spending schemes for a year or two, and allow them to safely tuck away a few more million buckeroos each in bribes and power scams.

Hell, a few administrations back the treasury folks even floated a plan to do a Cyprus style raid on retirement accounts, stealing a hefty percentage right off the top.   At the time, this plan was met with outrage and anger, and I think it's sacrificial proponent was given a raise and moved someplace out of the public eye.

Now though, in a time when the media is so deeply in the tanks with the powers that be, and 'The People' are avoiding facing reality in numbers best described as astronomical......  it might be deemed a proper time to conduct a wholesale cash raid unlike anything seen since Stalin appropriated half a continent for the 'public good'.

It's 2013...... do you know where YOUR money is?


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The Donald said...

Our Governor and some state legislators are pushing to get our Lone Star State gold moved from HSBC Bank's NYC vaults to a secure location here in TX.

Naturally, some in the press have taken to ridiculing the initiative, suggesting it's a prelude to Texas secession. (While it wouldn't be inconsistent with secession, my belief is that that's not what's driving the issue.)

My own hope is that, irrespective of whether Texas' gold gets moved home or not, our state will get unassailable and incontrovertible proof that our gold actually exists and is still there.