Monday, March 18, 2013

Considering this:
BARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

There is a local farm I may be helping out with woodchuck thinning this summer.  Limitations are noise and range, as it's a horse farm and shooting must be relatively quiet and shots are usually under 100 yards.  I'm thinking of the above scope as a low cost option to upgrade my .17 HMR Savage.  It's one of the first bull barrel .17 Savage 93's, lacking the nice stock and trigger of the new ones.  That said, It's a shooter and only limited by the rather crappy 4x scope I have parked on it.



Rev. Paul said...

Improved optics is almost always a good idea. For your intended purpose, an excellent idea.

Old NFO said...

Yep, but is it first or second focal plane? and any parallax capability?

Carteach said...

Adjustable objective... but at $70 for something going on a rimfire, if it shot a clean square at max power I'd call it good.

The Donald said...

Oh, heck - I thought I was going to get a review on that scope.

See, I have a 4-16x50 AO (redeemed some credit card points) sitting on top of the safe, not on top of a rifle yet, and was hoping to vicariously learn of its capabilities.

FWIW, when I first got it a few months ago, it looked like it was pretty bright and clear - I guess we'll just have to see how fuzzy it gets at max magnification.