Saturday, March 30, 2013

I do not like that man....

Yesterday I stopped in at my favorite little gun shop.  It's a very kewl place, tucked away from the world, without even a sign to announce it.  The owners, a grand couple and the nicest folks you will ever meet behind the counter of a gunshop.  The gentleman... he has an appreciation for the finer things shooty.... and is willing to share it.

So, I stop in just to see what's what, and see if he has anything I can't live without.  Turns out, he has SEVERAL things that would feel at home here.   A brand new repro 03-A4 build by a local company I know.  It's an exceptional piece, complete with optics, and looks like it's about to be issued new to a WWII sniper tomorrow.

$1200..... and I want it real bad.

Next up, a Cimmeron falling block in 45/70, case hardened receiver, Marbles tang sight, Looooong octagon barrel, just gorgous.

$900..... and I want it almost as bad as I want the 03-A4.

THEN he says.... "Just wait, I have something to show you..." and retrieves a case from behind the desk.  

It's a fitted canvas case, covering a fitted wooden case..... containing a Suhl Drilling.  12x12 over 30-06, with an additional fitted barrel insert that turns a 12 gauge tube into a .22 hornet.  It's engraved.... all the way..... and comes with a hand fitted Zeiss scope on a machined-in quick connect claw mount.  The original test targets are in the case, showing the tubes regulated to the same POI with both express sights and scope.

It's been hunted... been to Africa twice.

It may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a gun shop.... ever.

I couldn't afford it if I sold me car AND a kidney.

I don't like that man very much today.  I'll get over it, but DAMN!


jon spencer said...

That's why every now and then we spend a couple of dollars on lottery tickets (aka a tax on stupidity).
'Cause its fun to dream.

Old NFO said...

Oh WOW... Yeah, not the place "I" need to know the location of... :-D

Carteach said...

No sir, you probably don't

He's a got a few DAMN fine Colts in the cabinets, some incredible Wichesters in the cases, and HK's and FN's on the wall.

These are not the *nice* things he keeps in the back.