Monday, April 1, 2013

Life on a stick....

I spent much of the morning scanning and compiling documents and multimedia for a little project....

In a couple weeks I'll be doing an interview for an instructor position.  As part of the interview, I'll be performing a lesson for a committee of administrators and instructors, and will be doing a question/answer session with same.  All in all, I expect to be on the hot seat for roughly an hour.

Now, I typically drag along my 'Gee, ain't I great?' binder for things like this.  Inside it resides a large collection of training certificates, certifications, recognition letters, course results, copies of published work..... all things that might pertain to my suitability for the position.

THIS time, I'm also doing something else.  I took the time to scan into PDF files all my certifications, and also a fair sampling of curriculum material I've created over the last decade.  Joining it are a double handful of Power Points and movies I've created for instructional use, and some material built just for my students enjoyment.

All this stuff I am dumping onto 4 gig Thumb Drives....., which I will hand out to the committee members interviewing me.

Hey...... I think the effort is worth it.  The more I look at this position, the more I think it's an excellent fit.

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Rev. Paul said...

If you want it, then I hope you get it. :)