Friday, March 22, 2013

Terms of Enlistment.... BUY THIS BOOK!

Marko Kloos wrote a book.  Hell.... he write lots of stuff.  He's a writer.  That's his disease.

The thing is.... this book (Terms of Enlistment) is a Military Sci Fi book thats right up most shooters alley.   I put in on my phone, and the silly thing was glued to my eyes for an entire day.

The other thing is..... no publisher was smart enough to pick up this book, so Marko Amazon'ed it all on his lonesome.   Well..... I think we need to show the publishers they need some new talent in their 'Book-Picking' department, and buy the living crap out of Marko's book.

Seriously... BUY THIS BOOK: Terms of Enlistment

Every time a copy is sold..... they put off the next Twilight sequel a few more days.  Think about that. 

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