Thursday, April 18, 2013

As I foray into the new economy..

Chain of events.....

  1. Some time back I had bought a .22 from a friend who needed money.
  2. Now *my* unemployed ass needs money, so it was taken to a local gun shop and put on consignment there.
  3. Stopping by the store, I am told it has sold and there is money waiting for me.  Moments later, I find the Winchester above on the used firearm rack and note it seems quite underpriced.
  4. The money waiting for me is enough to buy the rifle, and have some much needed cash as well.
  5. I crow on-line about my trading prowess (luck).
  6. Someone sees what I have bought, and wants it for themselves.
  7. Contact is made, and bartering begins.  Want lists are traded.
  8. Someplace in PA, Sometime in the near future, the Winchester *might* turn into a rototiller.
  9. Maybe.


Phil Kraemer said...

So, swords into plowshares...?

Carteach said...

Well said Phil!