Friday, April 19, 2013

Every once in a while.....

A lot of my dad's tools became my tools when he died.  Not a small number became mine long before he died, in fact.

I was raised with tools, and respecting them became second nature. Using the right tool for the job whenever possible became instinct too.

This morning I needed to limb a tree, and this morning dad's limbing saw came out of the crate. Used for fifteen minutes, and then wiped down and oiled, to go back in the tool crate it lives in.

I hope dad is smiling, wherever his black hearted soul ended up.


JohnMXL said...

I started wrenching on my Grandfather's farm.

Grandpa was a farmer, so hand tools were secondary in nature - just items used to facilitate the real work of the farm, a blend of Craftsman and whatever line the hardware store or implement dealer was carrying when the need arose.

When Grandpa passed, Dad kept some of the tools, figuring (correctly) that the sentimental value was far greater than what they'd bring at the estate sale.

Now when I go to Dad's to work on his machinery I get to use some of the tools I started with, and to remember how I learned some of the lessons that still serve me today.

Some might see them as just steel and wood, but to some of us, old tools are so much more than that.

Old NFO said...

That one is probably 60 years old, and still works as well as the day it was bought! And if you take care of it, it will last another 60 years (and still be functional)!!!