Sunday, May 19, 2013

Discount deal on Victorinox pocket knives.....

Amazon is running a discount sale on Victorinox knives.  $10 off when buying $50 or more.

This works out to roughly 20% off if you buy two of my favorite pocket knives in the world, the 'Farmer' model.

This is the k-niff I have squirreled away in my trauma kit, the get-home bag, the vehicle console, my range bag...... it's just too useful and dependable.  There is a REASON a model very close to this was Swiss military standard issue for a generation or so.


Bob said...

Farmer. I have one of those myself, as well as the old Soldier model, although my Soldier is a Wenger rather than a Victorinox. I actually preferred Wenger. Wenger was purchased by Victorinox a dozen or so years ago.

Old NFO said...

I've got both, and agree with Bob... Wenger was the actual Army preference.