Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really..... what difference does it make?

I'm reading about the IRS abuse, the Benghazi coverup, the Administration bugging reporters and house members phones......  you name it, the corruption is rampant and boiling over.

The thing is, what does it matter?  Those who always saw these people for what they are will suffer no surprise at the depth of rot involved, and those who mindlessly support this administration will happily continue doing what they are told, thinking what they are told, and hating who they are told to. 

There are those who drove the trains to Buchenwald because they were told to. The trains were serviced by people who were told to.  The rail lines were maintained by people who were told to. Any of them could have opened their eyes, thought for themselves, and thrown a wrench in the works. They were happier.... just doing what they were told, thinking what they were told, and hating those they were told to hate.

People have not changed.

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Rev. Paul said...

It's sad, but true.