Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scam-mail....... (LOL.... I wonder who falls for this BS?)

We are a charter member of the Agent Shopping Provider's Association (AS-PA),
You have been selected for assignment as a Secretshopper in your area.
You will get $3OO as a commission per assignment, your employment packet
will include funds for the shopping. No charge to apply to become a shopper.

Payment check or money order will be a certain amount which you would be
required to cash at your bank then deduct your salary and have the rest
used for the evaluation.

Please provide the following information below if you interested.
All fields are required in order to serve you better.

~ FullName:
~ FullAddress:
~ Home&Cell Phone:
~ CurrentJob:
~ Gender:
~ YourAge:
~ StateCityZip:

You will have access to training materials after this one complete and your full
Job Description will be sent to you prior in your assignment.

Thank you for responding, we waiting your good response.

MS`G Manager


Rev. Paul said...

But they waiting!

justin cowser said...
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justin cowser said...

I'm just wondering how this is a scam? I'm tempted to try these out just to see. But, what can they do with just my name address and phone number?

Old NFO said...

"One" of the many ways to steal your identity... Just sayin...

Carteach said...

NFO, Maybe they would have better luck with it than I....