Friday, June 28, 2013


I woke to a bad dream at 3 am, and decided that going back to sleep wasn't on the agenda for a while.

Turning on this machine and connecting to the innerwebs, going to my iGoogle home page..... and Goggle Reader is GONE.   I knew they were going to do it... but damn it.   On top of that, the whole iGoogle home page deal is slated to vanish in November.

I've had this home page for five or six YEARS.

I are unhappies.  I know it was free ice cream....... but Google, we ain't friends no more.

Really rubs my nose in the fact I better move my blogs to something other than Blogger.  That could vanish just as easily.

In fact..... Google Reader disappearing from  (my?) homepage is forcing me to realize just how much of my life revolves around internet free ice cream.   My blogs, friends blogs, other people I connect with, e-mail, Facebook, news, weather....... a significant portion of my life.... which Google has just reminded is utterly out of my control.  It can all go away at some nameless invisible persons whim. 

This is troubling.

I believe I need to be thinking of ways to de-googlize my life.


Old NFO said...

Word Press, just sayin...

Rev. Paul said...

I hate the idea of moving to WordPress, but it may have to be done. Dang it.

Borepatch said...

The Old Reader is working just fine for me.

Carteach said...


Looks like they killed it early on the iGoogle home pages.

I'm trying out 'Feedly' now.