Friday, June 21, 2013

How the worm does squirm...

So the farm bill is tied up in the House.   I am kind of Okay with that.  In fact, my thought is the whole notion of 'A Farm Bill' needs to simply vanish.

You see, back when the Farm Bill thing began, it really did have something to do with farming, and helping people, and encouraging good land stewardship.

Since that time, small family farms have been forced/bought out over the years, and now almost all agri in the USA is big business.   Corporations.   BIG corporations.  

The notion that a 'Farm Bill' has much to do anymore with families and small farms is silly.  It's corporate welfare.  Add to that the food stamp factor.....

Years ago, some congresscritters wanted to bleed their hearts (and our money) out to yet another entitlement (Vote buying) program;  Food stamps..... helping poor people buy food.  On the face of it, a nice idea, and it began with only a few million recipients, and didn't cost a lot.  To get the thing started, those congresscritters attached the food stamp program to a bill they thought untouchable... sure to pass.... 'The Farm Bill'.

Well, the food stamp program has changed as much as the agri business, and now that little program consumes the majority of funding in 'The Farm Bill'.  In fact, food stamp recipients have nearly doubled in the last five years.

It's NOT a $%#@!^# 'Farm Bill' anymore.  It's a 'Buy Votes from poor people' and 'Extort money from big business in exchange for favors' bill now.

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