Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've got this Mauser.....

I bought this at our clubs annual gun show, from someone I know.  It's a basic, box-stock Interarms Mark X commercial Mauser bolt action hunting rifle in 30-06.

I bought it mostly because it could be the exact same one I had when I was 16, and hunted with for a few years.  I regretted selling that rifle as much as any I ever have.

Taking it to the range, I quickly realized it's a shooter... as it places it's bullets into tiny little groups seemingly on instinct.

Making it part of a project, I came up with a load recipe that it approves....  and this rifle is SCARY accurate with it.

I'd had ...... thoughts..... of doing things with this rifle.  Namely, restocking it in laminate wood and installing a decent Timney trigger.  The thing is, after seeing it put round after round into one wide hole downrange, I'm askeered to touch a thing on it.

Sometimes, you get something in your life that is just too good to mess with.  It has to be accepted and loved for what it is, without changing it.  The flaws are minor... not even flaws at all... and turning even a single screw is just a mistake.


Hat Trick said...

With the highest shot of that group being a called flier that is awesome accuracy. I would leave it the heck alone and take very good care of it. Or sell it to me. Just kidding.

JD(not the one with the picture) said...

IIABDFI, if it ain't broke,don't fix it.

If that were my rifle, all I would do is kiss it gently, wipe it down and place it lovingly back in the safe knowing I could depend on it to put 'em where I want 'em.

og said...

That barrel wouldn't happen to be marked "Harry McGowen" would it?

Carteach said...

Wouldn't that be something, Og? No... in this case, a box stock Yugoslavian Mauser imported by Interarms.

og said...

My Yugo X has a Harry barrel on it. He made a lot of them that look just like that one- that one looks very similar to mine!

I'd put a bipod on it and call it quits.