Thursday, July 25, 2013

First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio........ blatant outright thieves.

I'd say this story is unbelievable....  But there it is.

A woman goes on vacation, and comes home to find her locks changed and her house stripped clean.  A local bank screwed the pooch, sent a crew to her home by mistake, and stole everything in it.   Now they refuse to pay for what they stole, and the local police' closed' the case.... 

First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio.......    I do believe it's time to show them the power of this fully operational social media!


Old NFO said...

Wha??? Unbelievable!!! I'm thinking lawsuit and OWNING that bank!

Shane W said...

That is freaking crazy! I'm with Old NFO I'd own that bank.