Saturday, July 27, 2013

First national bank of Wellston.... doubling down on stupid.

Hmm...... the bank wants the victim to show receipts for everything they stole from her?  That's a new angle on grand theft.   

But.... evidence shows this bank has been incompetently managed for years, so this latest bout of criminal stupidity should come as no surprise.

ABC news has some slightly more in depth coverage of the crime committed by the bank here, and Popehat covers it fairly well here.

Far beyond the depths of ludicrous.... the bank claims the victims list of missing items does not match their list (written by the thieves), and they want receipts for the items (If there were any, the bank stole them from the house and discarded them already).

My sincere hope?  The CEO of this bank ends up being personally held responsible for the grand theft, losing his job and his career while having to pay restitution out of pocket, with a large six figure fine tacked on for the bank.

(more thoughts)

Someone asked me  "What if the story is incorrect, and there are factors concerning the victim we don't know?"

Well.... that is pretty much what the bank is claiming.  My thoughts are such;  The Bank hired people to break into the womens home and steal her belongings.   At that point.... it's 100% on them.  Anything that happens after that.... they are at fault by default.

$18K?  I honestly don't care if there's nothing but an ashtray missing.... $18K should be the least of the banks concerns.  Criminal charges should be laid, handcuffs applied, and cell bars viewed from the wrong side.  They violated her HOME, stole her possessions, and destroyed her peace of mind for untold years to come.

$18K..... the bank CEO should be at her feet in public begging forgiveness for his criminal stupidity.

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Suzanne McCarley said...

A few months in prison (to launch his new unemployed lifestyle) wouldn't come amiss...