Friday, July 5, 2013

Some folks read history, and say to themselves.... "Hey! Lets try that again!".

On this Independence day, in Massachusetts, the modern day authorities are emulating the actions of a player in the American Revolution, though NOT the winning side.

In the wee hours of April 19th, 1775, Revere (and others) road the countryside warning the people of impending invasion by armed troops bent on disarming them, and enforcing their slavery.   The people arose, and by the time the troops managed to march even part way towards their confiscation of weapons, swarms of armed citizens moved towards them.  They ended their march in chaos, leaving the bodies of their fellow soldiers in the dirt behind them.

Is social media the modern 'Paul Revere'?

It looks like Massachusetts police have chosen once again to persecute TJIC, not for any reasonable legal reason, but simply because they have the raw firepower and balls to do it; because they can, and no one stands to stop them.

Much the same reason as General Gage's troops marched their (soon to be running away in fear) selves to Lexington and Concord in search of citizens weapons.

This story is becoming more common, and social media is making that ride more often.   Some authorities have chosen to march down a road, and I fear the destination.  There will come a time when a man in his home says NO, and backs it up with the very weapons those outside the door have come to steal.   No matter how good the officers stack, and how good their armor, and how well funded their lawyers..... they will come to a man who say NO, and will have the training and tools to back his word.  It's inevitable.

On Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775, the tyrants troops confronted armed citizens. The officers ordered the citizens to disarm, and the people said NO.  A shot was fired, most likely from a pistol, and only the kings officers had pistols that day.   That day, on that spot, the people lost the battle.  They were bloodied badly, and lives were lost.

Yet, that short and one sided battle ignited a firestorm amongst people who had had enough of being pushed around.... and they set out to do something about it.  They didn't stop till the tyrants troops, those left alive, boarded ship and left what then became a new nation.

Will there be a Lexington Green in our time?  Will it be one man who says NO, and backs it up with enough AP ball to make his own tyrants troops rethink breaking down citizens doors?

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