Thursday, July 4, 2013

There are lots of ways to honor independence day...

Sure, I may light a fire, and I may grill some brats, and I may hoist a glass in remembrance of those past who gave much in defending our nation.

But, I think the most significant way I shall honor Independence day will be to set up some targets, and put a polish on my rifleman skills.  Our forefathers bought our freedom with their blood, bullets, and lives..... not a grilled bratwurst and a cold beer.

I wonder how many people have an understanding of what Independence day is commemorating.

The grilling of hotdogs and swilling of beer and ogling of fireworks may be ways Americans choose to spend the day, but it's true nature is more somber, and more deeply joyful than any of that.

July 4th was chosen as the day most closest to the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence, although it appears to have happened over a string of days.  That signing marked a turning point in the birth of our nation, the formal throwing off of 'lawful' government shackles and a demand the peoples freedom be recognized.

A demand backed by the blood and lives of those who signed the document, a treasonous lot all of them.  In a time when loyalty to the crown even to death was expected, when slavery came in many forms and freedom was reserved for the wealthy and high born.... the first true Americans said NO, we will NOT submit.

Most of them paid for their beliefs with ruin and death, before the conflict ended.

It's that sacrifice, and that beginning, we honor by celebrating Independence day.

Now, go check your government approved hot dogs and make sure your made-in-China flag is flying straight, if your local lawmakers allow you such a thing.

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Old NFO said...

Going to the range too...