Friday, July 12, 2013

That thing in the middle is a pole bean teepee built of bamboo.

The bean vines swallowed it.  They have traveled up and over the firewood pile to the left, down across the yard to the right about 20 feet out of the photo, up into the tree in the foreground, and out of sight behind the teepee to a fence, now inundated.

It will die off come winter, right?



Old NFO said...

Maybe, maybe not... I'd be cutting it back from everywhere you DON'T want it to be.

Hat Trick said...

Are you sure you didn't plant kudzu by mistake? ;-)

Carteach said...

Supposed to be Kentucky Wonder. I'll believe it when I see beans hanging from the vines.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping the weedeater IN the house, and sharpening one of the swords too.

It's not just the beans. Yesterday I kicked a squash vine off the front porch. It was headed towards the front door.

Carteach said...

Okay.... I believe I have been duped by.... myself?

I don't think these are the pole beans I planted. Now I believe them to be a weed vine that took advantage of the ground prep and fertilizer.

Willorith said...

Make sure the windows are closed at night.