Friday, July 12, 2013

Q:  How much rum could a rum cake soak, if a rum cake could soak rum?

A:  All of it!

In other news... I had an interesting job interview yesterday.  It will be a few weeks before I hear anything, and I shall not get my hopes up.

In other other news.... naturally... I get a call today from a different company.... and being the honest soul I am, I had to tell them there is competition for my services, even before we discuss an interview.  "Well, thank you, and maybe we'll call again in the future" Click. 

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Rev. Paul said...

It's always good to be in demand. As a hiring manager & recruiter of many years' experience, I can tell you the latter company was going to low-ball you. If they can't abide competition, they know their offer is substandard - so you're better off not dealing with them.