Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zimmerman trial

So far, I've managed to catch more of this trial on TV than any other, ever. My thoughts, for what little they are worth....

  • The charges even being brought seems farcical.  So far, the prosecution has utterly failed in their case, presenting no evidence I've seen that it wasn't a clear self defense shooting.  In fact, for the most part the prosecutions witness's would have been better called by the defense.  It was astounding to hear the prosecutor move to strike his OWN witness's testimony when it clearly supported the defense!
  • The judge has shown clear and open animosity towards the defense.  If there should be a guilty verdict, the pathway towards appeal seems wide open.  It's so blatant, I have to wonder if it's not on purpose.
  • There are rumblings of a violent reaction no matter the trial outcome.  My own feelings about that..... are ambivalent.  I'll certainly make sure our home and travels are carefully prepared.   The race card has been so ardently courted by one political party during this affair, I have to wonder if there wont be some hellish blowback on them.  They certainly own every drop of blood that lands in the street.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago I read a fantasy by Brian Daily, "The Doomfarers of something-something". There was a little bit of doggerel in it that I can't get out of my mind when I think about this case.

"I fought a man in darkness, to live until the day. And if that was wrong or not I can't, unbiased, say. But he was dead and I alive and you may take from me, that as we fought I knew that's how I wanted things to be."