Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cast Iron dutch oven....... suggestions?

I have been gifted an old Griswald cast iron dutch oven, complete with it's lid.   Not the kind with legs and a lipped lid for using on a wood fire.... the other kind that's smooth iron with a steel bail for home oven use.

The problem is.... (shudder) the last owner used it to make soap.

How do I recover this old beast to the point I can cook with it?  I have boiled water in it for a day, and haven't even reached the point where it will rust.  My next plan was to cook the iron over a hot wood fire, letting flames and massive heat work their magic.



JohnMXL said...

There are several articles online about using a lye bath to strip old cast iron, though I guess that would be like using soap to remove soap, wouldn't it?

Fire may be your best bet...uneven heating may result in warping and/or cracking, though.

jon spencer said...

Two ways,
1. Put it in a plastic container, fill so that it is covered with warm water, add one can of a good drain cleaner and let it sit at least for overnight. Drain (carefully) and rinse using lots of hot water. Then as soon as it dries wipe it down with cooking oil on a paper towel.
I have used this method to clean a cast iron chicken fryer that was used as a engine oil collector. Had to do the drain cleaner part twice.

2. The easy way, place the upside down pot in your oven and turn the self clean on.
Watch out for this one as you can / will get flaring and or fire.