Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letting them go

Regrets, that is.  Regrets, old wounds, pains that linger.....

I had a post written here, and saved for the future.  It spoke towards why I am no longer a teacher.  The words, sentences, and paragraphs walked through why it started, and where it ended.  Along the way, bodies were dug up and crimes uncovered;  Amounts, dates, and names.

I deleted it. Let the dead rest in peace.

On this machine, stored images of someone I'd allowed into my soul. So foolish, so doomed from the beginning, so human.   There was little left but the empty space when it all fell apart. 

I deleted the images. Let the dead rest in peace.

Memories of past misdeeds, failures, cruelties, mistakes.... regrets stacked into a wall.  These are not so easy to delete, nor should they be.  They, together, are part of the sum total of being.

But.... in the wee hours of a sleepless morn.... one might wish a glimpse past the wall. 

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