Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cheap eats: The Breakfast Happening

Keeping to 'Cheap Eats' theme of meals under $1.40 per person, I give you BREAKFAST.

Here we have a dish of sausage gravy, with a biscuit baked on top to cover. Plated with it, a spare biscuit to soak up all that gravy goodness, and a cheese omelet to round things off a little.

Admittedly, it's a meal spare on the veggies, fruits, and fiber..... but it does have a ton of protein and carbs, with a stick to the ribs kind of quality that will keep a working man going all morning.

Bulk sausage from the store brings with it a world of flavor, and makes for a tasty meal that doesn't hit the spice cabinet too hard.  I find it helps to remember that most of the world regards meat as a flavoring additive, and not always the main part of the meal.

Making the sausage gravy is oh-so-easy.  Simply cook down the loose sausage in a fair sized fry pan until it gets a bit crispy on the edges.  Take it out of the pan, and let it cool a few minutes.  While it's cooling, plop a quarter stick of butter in the pan and melt it on medium heat.

Dice the sausage up as fine as you care to, and back in the pan with it.  Crank the heat up on medium high, get it sizzling a bit, and then sprinkle on two heaping tablespoons of AP flour (Have this ready!).  Stir it while it sizzles away, making sure any flour lumps are well broken up and coated onto the sausage.

At this point, I drop in some Montreal steak seasoning and garlic, but your mileage may vary.

Now, while stirring, slowly pour in almost a quart of whole milk.   KEEP stirring!   In fact, you will keep stirring till the dish is done cooking, which will be in about four minutes.  If you stop, she burns, and it all goes to ruin.

Once you see a bubble or two that shows it at boiling temp, move it off the heat and keep stirring for about a minute.  It's at this point that I dump in some grated Parmesan and a little of whatever shredded bag cheese I have leftover in the fridge. 

Right about then, you will have a nice, thick, flavorful sausage gravy.   Try not to dip your fingers in and go to it..... it's still pretty hot.

For this dish, I ladle a small (4"?) Pyrex dish about 3/4 full with the sausage gravy, and drop a store bought 'Grands' type biscuit on top.  You can figure about four servings (dishes) with these ingredients, with four extra biscuits left over to plate with the breakfast.

Slide these filled dishes into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, or until the biscuit is GBD  (Golden Brown and Delicious).

Plate with a standard plain Jane two egg cheese omelet and the extra biscuit.

Abra Cadabra...... a helluva breakfast for four, for about $1.40 per person.


Old NFO said...

And it TASTE good too! I did almost the same thing this morning for breakfast, but I added two sausage patties... :-)

freddyboomboom said...

I made steel cut oats this morning.

The wife had brown sugar and milk in hers, I had turbinado sugar and milk in mine.


On your sausage thing, my wife uses the maple flavored sausage in her sausage gravy. It's nice. :)