Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas time is.... different.

Maybe, probably, it's the way we all saw a change at Christmas when we were kids. People behaved different, usually. On TV, movie after movie tells us about how its the time to be open, and sharing. To care more for others and be.... nice.

On the other hand.... Christmas can be a time for other feelings too. As much as some folks feel the positive, others feel the reverse. People think about what they've lost, about who they've lost. They think about who's not there, and who they can't give a gift to.

To those folks... It can be a dark time of year. When all around them people seem lost in a happy daze, while they are more often lost in thought, and sometimes in loneliness.
I lift my glass to all those who need a special toast of their own about now. Speaking from the fold:

Here's to those who have passed on..... Here's to those who have moved on....
and last, here's to the loved ones we can't be with, except in our dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting that Christmas time can be a very depressing time for someone who is alone and doesn't like their own company.