Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reading of the FooFoo* over what the duck guy had to say, I really can't find any issues with any of the actors in the situation.

The guy had every right to state his beliefs, and I don't really care what they are. I haven't read them, nor seen his show. (I'm relatively sure none of the people complaining about his comments have either).

The people who announced their butt-hurt over him voicing his beliefs have every right to be butt hurt if they wish, and vent their butt hurtedness** at the network that carries his show.

The network has every right to adopt their own butt hurtedness, and use it as their reason to cancel any show or person they wish, no matter how financially idiotic it may be.

The way I see it, each of these people (or groups) are adults, have the right to speak as they wish, and.... most importantly..... are fully aware they are on the hook for their words and actions. When they say or do something (with every right to say or do it), they also make the way clear for others to respond in voice and action.

The duck guy knew he could lose his show for speaking his mind. The butt hurt folks know they will likely come across as whiny professional victims here, and lessen their authority in future instances. The network knew they might be dooming their business when they reacted as they did.

They are all adults, and they all have choices to make.

*Its MY blog, and I can make up any bleeping word I wish.

**  See *

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