Saturday, December 14, 2013

Globull climate warming cooling changing whatever.... we are to have some snow today.  I shall watch it merrily through the windows at work, as vehicles skiddle and slither along the stupendous 3 degree slope which is the road in front of our establishment.

The same such snow as presented me this glorious sight a few days ago:

This would be (I assume), a transport ambulance.  Utterly confounded by a bit of snow, perhaps due to the worn out highway tires on the driving axle.  One has to wonder what other shortcuts and mindless confabularies exist within said vehicle's parent company.

Imagine the shock people must be suffering, to find December in Pennsylvania is actually Winter.... and the falling water from the sky assumes new and interesting shapes.

After work, I shall manfully plow through the endless drifts in my little car, hopefully unmolested by brave drivers in their towering 4x4 trucks, misunderstood jeeps, and lowered Hondas.  I'll arrive safe at home in the knowledge makings for French Toast are already on hand, and thus the Snow Demons will be repelled.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful day, and stay safe!


Old NFO said...

Tryin... :-)

Bryn, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales said...

Peoples inability to drive according to the conditions, or to maintain and equip their vehicle to cope with the season & terrain, never ceases to depress me. I've long since stopped being astounded or amazed...

I'm quite privileged to live where I do (50ft ASL, bathed by the Gulf Stream), so winter snow is unusual - but I do have a full set of chains and survival gear in case of poor conditions during a long winter journey.