Thursday, December 12, 2013

Institutionalized idiocy damaging children...... how long will people stand for it?

A 6 year old boy, being the latest victim of brain dead politically correct school administration, is having his tiny little childhood destroyed.

Reports such as these are being passed on almost daily now.

I have to wonder..... how long will it be till some bone headed arrogant school administrator meets an irate parent in a quiet dark place, and gets his head handed to him on a stick?

How long till some such bureaucratic buffoon, fresh from a day destroying children's lives, manages to stop a bullet (or ten) before getting his front door unlocked one evening?


Phillip said...

Not as long as you might think. I've no doubt that there are people already planning to follow some TSA or police officer home and set up an ambush designed to bring home the lesson that they can only hide behind their badges as long as people respect their badges.

I think the only reason we haven't seen it already is that the people who are outraged at TSA, police, or school officials actions tend not to be psychopaths that would commit the crimes. In other words, they're picking on people that are by nature law-abiding. Their luck WILL run out, and they'll pat down the wrong person, kill the wrong dog, or suspend the wrong person's kid.

It will happen, it's just a matter of percentages.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with Philip...

Carteach said...

When I was a family man, we picked up stakes and moved the entire clan twice... in search of better (less destructive) schooling for the kids. The stories I can share...... shudder.

Now, there seem to be dwindling options for schooling. That is why people are turning to home schooling in droves.

What happens when the peaceful option have all been choked off?

Phillip said...

When you have no peaceful options, you turn to non-peaceful options. I'm 44 and have a son that's 8 years old, and I'm having to remind him not to use pretend guns to shoot pretend airplanes when he's at school. Things that would be laughed off when I was a kid are cause for suspension and expulsion today. Fortunately, we have him in a very small charter school, so we haven't had a problem with that type of thing... yet.