Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funshow report

Okay, it was a small local show more geared to antiques and muzzle stuffers..... 

120-some tables, and I walked it in less than an hour.  Nothing struck my fancy, especially given my predilection to ignore tables full of un-priced merchandise.  I can't afford 'priceless'. 

Of the items I might have looked at, prices were still tagged at 'crazy times' levels.  $200 Mosins and $400 Turk Mausers.  Single barrel shotguns at $200 and Krag/Springfield/Garands all over $1200 no matter the condition.

I carried in a really nice 1916 Spanish Mauser as trade bait, and it got a fair number of stares.  Not seeing anything there I wanted, it never came into play  (Tomorrow I'll shoot it a bit, just to apologize to it...).

Sadly, there are no other Funshows near here till the end of the month.  Sigh....

No matter.  I should be selling, not buying.

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