Friday, March 7, 2014

Where OCD is king....

I'll soon be back to work, in spades.  Days turning wrenches and tweaking electrons, evenings instructing others on turning wrenches and tweaking electrons.   It's a distillation of things I've truly enjoyed doing in my life, and both pay decently.

Today begins the 'Assembling Of The Tools'. The process can take one to three days, depending on beer supplies. Going back to work as a tech means my boxes must be together, orderly, stocked, cleaned, organized, agonized over, reorganized, considered, reconsidered, lubricated, serviced, re-reorganized, and just generally OCD'ed until a certain level of contentedness is achieved. In addition, batteries in the electronics must be replaced, software upgrades considered, a new 'work' computer shopped for, test leads tested, resisters resisted and capacitors incapacitated. 

It's a mechanic thing..... you probably wouldn't understand.

In other 'Its a wonderful life' news, Next weekend I'll be taking #2 son to an Appleseed clinic.  Having watched the boy (now 25 years old) shoot, I feel I may have not performed my fatherly duty to it's utmost.  He's fair.... but needs better skills.  To that end, I've ponied up the fees and signed us up for a weekend on the line, relearning the in/outs/ups/downs of basic rifle marksmanship.   Appleseed teaches the Suck-Push-Bang-Blow of shooting a rifle..... and every rifleman needs a refresher occasionally.

Besides.... I very much wish to challenge the big knucklehead to a match, and I can't very well do it without assuring his skills are up to par.

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Old NFO said...

Congrats! :-) And shoot em good!