Saturday, July 12, 2014


I am surrounded by drama.  It's a super moon today/tonight.  Super moon means supper whacko?

Jes update:  She says she will be out by the end of the month.  If so, I will give her the money for the furniture and more besides.  Looking forward to moving the house around to suit me. Not looking forward to lonely, but I will come to grips with that.

Caroline and Dave... drama city.  Caroline told him she wants out.  Last night he hit little Lorelie hard enough to raise welts.  C kicked him out.  Police involved.  What a childish asshole.

Matt and Laura...... more drama city.  Too much to describe.  They both earned what they have.  I try to be a friend to both if I can.  Wouldn't mind taking Laura to bed, but that aint gonna happen.

So today, Saturday.  I have no plans, and hope to keep it that way.  Maybe a little mow/trim/blow.  Surely coffee in the hot tub.  Alone, but still pretty good.   With luck, the drama will flow around me as the stream parts around the rock.

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