Saturday, February 20, 2016

Looking through images I've captured, a few things surface in my mind.

I've not been doing any photography to speak of in over a year.  Nothing creative I mean.  Truth be told, I haven't been doing anything creative at all.  No writing, jewelry, photography, building... nothing.

Today I realized I've turned inward for quite some time, and it was this image that made that clear.

I used to carry my camera, and look at the world around me.  I looked for the beautiful, the different, the illustrative, the everyday common moments captured in a glance.  I looked at people.

The last year or two, I've been so wrapped up in relationship, work, money, and responsibilities that I've let everything else slide past unnoticed and uncared for.  There hasn't been enough of me leftover to spare on creativity... and that's ungood.

It's time I opened my eyes and raised my sight.


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Bob said...

It's something we all go through as bloggers, I think. Sometimes you just need a break from the imperative to put blog entries out daily.