Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beats working...

Which is what I should be doing right now.  There are a LOT of things wanting done, and not a single other person waiting in line ahead of me to do them.

This here boat... all 14 feet of it's aluminum goodness... needs scrubbed.  Then, I need a plan to replace the rotted transom.  What I can see says I will need to grind rivets and remove the two supports.  I can do that; That's what stainless hardware is for.

Those lovely strengthening ribs on the floor?  Each and ever one was fully packed underneath with years of dirt and debris.  Ugh.

Herself is bound and determined to paint this pig, what with her being from a a nautical part of the world. I guess they do such madness up there.  Scrubbing and priming may kill me, but it will look good in the end.  I'm thinking blue and cream, as my idea of clean it up and leave it the hell alone does not seem to be flying.

Speaking of herself... she is 'dieting'.  What we see here is an example of diet food.  Seared flat steak, sweet potato gnocchi, and pumpkin gravy.

No... I'm serious... this is diet food.  She has lost ten pounds in two weeks feeding me like this!

And in shooty talk, a sad note. It seems my bifocaled eyes are making it difficult to shoot at range.  The 1 MOA dot on the Eotech goes blurry at 100 yards, and my groups reflect that.  Still in the black, but..... damn.   

Looks like I will be mounting a magnified optic on the AR in the near future.


Bob said...

If you have a pressure washer that cleanup will go a lot quicker.

Carolyn Zerbe said...

It will look beautiful when I paint the Happy Lil Hooker