Thursday, March 17, 2016


One byproduct of having the plague; I haven't touched a drop of spirits in over a week.

Between just feeling punky, and the cold meds, I've had no desire for anything 'tasty' in life.  Pouring a bit of 7 year old bourbon this evening, I find the flavor to be much richer than I recall.  Taste buds rededicated to their job perhaps?

Giving up alcohol for a time is something I do periodically, although not usually because of flu/cold/plague/martian fever/etc.   My family had it's share of boozers, and I've known quite a few outside the bloodline as well.  It's a road I won't travel, and every so often I knock it off for a few weeks just to check the state of things.

Allowing, even seeking out, pleasure is worthy.  Letting it have power over your will.... not so much.

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freddyboomboom said...


Glad you're feeling better, Sir!