Monday, March 14, 2016

Cough... Cough....

Scruffy me, and the little bitchy parrot who just adores sitting on my shoulder and biting my bits and pieces.

I'm home sick... everyone is sick... Herself, her brat, people at work, everyone.  Blech.  Coughing, things leaking, headache..... just heavy duty blech.

Herself and I have had the flu shots, and yes it's flu that's ravaging the ranks.  Her being in a medical(ish) career, the folks in white explained.  Having the flu shot this year doesn't stop one from getting it. It just mitigates the length and depth of the misery.

I worked sick last week while others were out with the plague.  Now it's my turn.


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Anonymous said...

The way it was explained to me back in my days in the medical field (former-EMT) was that the flu shot targets specific strains. They try their best to predict what the strain du jor will be, but with it taking a few months to get the shots through the production pipeline, those predictions are not always spot on.

Regardless, keep hydrating and feel better soon!