Saturday, June 24, 2017

6-24-2017 Web log

Well, lets see.....

Nope, not going to do politics.  Those bastards aren't worth the effort.

Shool?  I spent the last week prepping, doing factory training, and otherwise killing time in an empty school since 'New People Don't Take The Mandatory Vacation'.

Yeah.... you got it... it was a bloody great big GIFT!  A WEEK of paid prep time before my first class at this joint.  Oh fabulfraboulsness!  I'm pretty sure I have the entire four week curriculum put together and laid out, baring the sure-to-happen daily changes. 

Hell.... CTC set aside 45 minutes a day for secondary instructors (And none at all for adult instructors), but used that prep time for meetings and other useless BS.  This (Un-named at their request) school I'm with now gives us 90 minutes a day, and no BS to fill it up.

Speaking of the CTC, they just made a Forbes list for top two year trade schools.  Adult side though.  No mention of the high school side.  Sad that, as the HS folks deserve the recognition.

Back to my upcoming class.  I was used to FIFTY students and two instructors.  This class?   EIGHT students!    I said EIGHT students!!  Did I mention I only have EIGHT students?  Holy cow.... I will be able to teach them for reals!

Enough for this morning (0700).   It's off to the gym to sweat away the ounces and make new sore places.   Oh, and the Parrot Bitch says Hi.

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