Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thoughts a thinkin.....

About a year ago... maybe it was two?  We went to a local 'Fairy Festival'.  The music was Celtic, and superb.  Aside from a decent sausage sammich, that was about all I found good there.  Everything else, for the most part, was blatant money grubbing built into a shell of 'Earthy', "Fairy', fantasy BS to fool the believers.

What came to mind today, for some odd reason, was their waste disposal technique.  They had trash stations set up with barrels individually marked for separating various types of recyclables. Even food waste, to feed hogs.  Large signs blared much virtue signaling and admonitions to save Gaia... erk.

What I noticed back then was this cute little factoid:  Their min-wage minions brought their eco-friendly hand carts around and emptied all the separated recycle barrels under their shaming signs.... into one cart. All destined for a big roll-on dumpster and the landfill.  Color me surprised.

Today, that memory came back, with the thought that this incident represented a very accurate picture of the 'earth friendly' green/eco/whatever movement very neatly.  It's all hat and no cowboy.  It's all 'Look At Me Doing Good Things Approved By The Herd', and zero actual and honest conserving of resources.

I'm thinking of all my eco-minded friends here.... and how they really live their lives.  Yeah, it's far more about comfort and consumption while maintaining the herd approved appearance of dogoodyship.

Shocked..... Shocked I am!


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