Saturday, July 1, 2017

7-1-17 Web Log

First full week back in the classroom is now in the books.  My impressions:
  • It's like riding a bike.  It all comes crashing back almost instantly, with years of experience welling up to guide one through the treacherous pathways of mush-head herding.  Reading people, creating motivation, making connections.    IT FEELS GOOD.  It feels...... worthy.
  • Dancing with administration.  Yeah, that's a thing, but I got that thing.  It's all good.  'Admin' at this school is basically one woman.  She's Not-Dumb, she's detail oriented, and her goals are ones I can agree and work with.  No worries there.
  • The studnents..... yeah.   They aint'nt changed a bit.  So what they are 'adults'?  I always treated my high school kids as adults anyway.  This bunch is okay, mostly, sorta.  They have a ways to go, I'll say that.  Yet... didn't we all at 18 and 19 years old?  It's important not to lose sight of what 'being' that age was like.  I know *I* was an idiot back then.
  • The school culture.  Yes, every school has a 'culture', just like every  company has one and every family has one.  It derives from the people there, leaning more towards the tie and high heals end of the office, down to the Dickies and  uniform shirt side.  This school has a very distinct culture, and there's no denying that.  It's a fairly decent one though, with no politics to speak of, and most everyone's goals aligning towards getting the job done well.  I"m comfy with that.
On life, the universe, and everything:
  • I'm fifty five years old.  Fitty Fibe. 50 freaking five.   I never thought I'd make it this far.   Being a student of humans, and perfectly willful to stare into the mirror and reflect on the reflection, I have to concede I'm changing in lots of ways.  My attitude, my thoughts, my health and well being, the way my body works (or doesn't).  Some changes I'm good with.  Some I'm okay with.  Some are... concerning.  Doing gym time has become a thing for my Baby and I. It honestly feels good to hurt that way sometimes, and I'm not going all S&M there.  
  • I'm wondering about the whole 'aging male' and testosterone thing.  Am I responding to advertising weasels, or reality?
  • And, as always, 42.
Home life:
  • Bacon is still good.
  • Zeeky the parrot is still a raging &^%$#@!* asshole. 
  • Bourbon is still the shiznitz.
  • Did I mention my ride to work is more... interesting... now?

 End log, 7-17

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