Saturday, July 1, 2017


I woke early, and coasted into the morning at my leisure.

About an hour ago, I made coffee. I put thick slabs of bacon into the oven to roast, slathered in fresh ground pepper and sprinkled with bourbon-maple sugar. I converted last nights leftover backed potatoes with onions into home fries, cooked slow and crispy. I made an omelette, using eggs from our flock of asshole chickens.

The smell in the house from all this concerned me, as I feared the dead rising from nearby graves, attracted by the stunning goodness that was my breakfast. On the other hand..... not a single soul in this house roused from bed at this smell, to join me for breakfast.

This just goes towards proving I live with a bunch of black hearted Communists, who embrace an oblivious attitude towards all that is good in life.

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