Sunday, January 28, 2018

Self reflection....

I appear, even to myself, to be a supporter of Cheeto Jesus. Internally, I know I'm anything but. I didn't vote for him, based on what I've heard him speak on, I don't like the man. If he appeared at my home I wouldn't let him in the door.

That said, as little regard I have for the man, I believe him to be the best of bad choices from that election. I also think the choices he's made regarding judicial and economic issues have been positive for the nation on the whole.

Why do I appear to be a supporter? That's what I ask myself this morning. I think the answer is uncomplicated. It's not him I support so much, as his opposition I despise.

To my sense, the majority of the media and the majority of both parties have aligned against the peoples choice for president. *I* regard both the media and the two parties as enemies of the people, and most especially our liberty and happiness. They thrive on our discord, while instigating and feeding at every opportunity.

If they have decided Da Trumpster is against their money and power grubbing interests, then I'm almost forced to stand behind that asshole.

I feel dirty just saying that.

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