Friday, January 26, 2018

Thinking about Me-Too


Now a radio show on NPR. It plays during my ride home. All sexual abuse (Of women by men), every day, the entire show, nothing but that.

Of course, that pretty much leaves me out. I'm not a woman. I'm not a man who sexually abuses anyone. None of the women in my life are talking to me about the subject. I just don't have a dog in that fight.

Yeah, It's an important topic, but from my perspective it's not an hour-a-day-five-days-a-week topic. I need some mental variety to keep me awake on that ride home.

Still, it generated thoughts. I have a visceral instinct to demolish anyone who takes advantage of others like that, and listening to the show caused me to wonder if I know anyone who is on the 'to be ass kicked' end of that equation.

That got me to thinking about why it wasn't talked about much... and more importantly, why it was so carefully covered up so much. Horrywood, Congress, Universities, religions, Political Parties..... all moved heaven and earth to make allegations of sexual abuse vanish from the public eye.

An entire industry covered up Weinstein's crimes for a generation, rather than stain their mantel of perfection. An an entire political party and all their true believers buried Billy Boy's rape victims as deep as they could, as part of their power gathering. Penn State.... oh dear God..... Penn State would rather see herds of children destroyed than bear up to the shame of having their staffs crimes known. The Catholic church..... no pit of hell will suffice for those who covered up that hypocrisy and let the kids rot.

Yet.... people did it. They covered for the sickest and most perverted among their tribe. They set aside honor and decency and even their own humanity, just to protect and support their institution or their party or the purveyor of their beliefs.

It's not just sexual predators. It's crimes and hypocrisies of all size and color. People still do it every day, and learn nothing from what the Me-Too phenom revealed. Every time someone turns a blind eye to crimes committed by their fellow travelers, rather than risk shame to the tribe, they empower the criminals and dance on the graves of their victims.

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