Tuesday, July 10, 2018

We can call it.... 'Supreme Astroturf', okay?

Interesting astroturf.  The best astroturf. Very professional.  The most professional astroturf you've ever seen.  Just amazing astroturf.  I know astroturf, and this is the best astroturf. Trust me!

Within minutes of Da Trumpster's announcement of his choice of Supreme, 'Protesters' were on the steps of the Supreme Court.

MINUTES, mind you.

They were carrying professionally printed signs with anti-Kavanaugh messages, and referencing a website. A quick check on the website shows it's mainly a fundraiser blob, with some fact-less blurbs and astroturf fodder.

This website was reserved in June. June.

A quick check shows a likewise website was registered for every possible supreme pick on the same day. Only the one site was populated, as best I can check this morning.

So.... at the time of Cheeto's announcement, there were 'protesters' sitting on bus's in DC waiting to find out who the next authorized bad person is. At the announcement, they went to their Big Box 'O Signs and dug through to find ones bashing the newly authorized hate-ee. Then, they piled out of their buses and began the hate.

We are supposed to take these clowns seriously?

Note the Time of this tweet.  Hours BEFORE even knowing who the pick was, these bozos had already decided what they were going to 'report'.   It's not news. It's not journalism. It's Pravda.

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