Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bread, daily, give us our. Alt title: Recipe? Who needs a steenkin recipe?

So once every few weekends or so, I get a hair up and decide to make bread.  To this day, I have never used a bread recipe in my life.

Yeah..... I have fed a few carbs to the chickens.

Not this year, though.  I seem to be getting the knowing of the way, after studying a few recipe books that delved into the science of bread.

What we have here is potato bread, and our lunch this fine day.

In the Kitchenaid went about 2 standard sized potatoes, boiled soft and cubed.  To this, enough water to start it breaking up.  The mixer gets fired for long enough that it's beyond mashed, and maybe drifting towards potato gluten pasty stretchy-ish.

Shut down old betsy, and add three eggs (we got LOTS of eggs just now), maybe a cup of water, a splat of butter, and a tablespoon of regular yeast.  Crank up Betsy for a bit till it's all gone blended, and then shut 'er down.  The timer gets set for 15 minutes, and I go sip coffee and relax.

The idea is to give the yeast time to proof and get cranked up.

Now that it's foamy, add a big 'ol poof of salt, and the first hit of Occident flour.  Turn on Betsy to slow, or be a ghost, and add flour slowly till it looks..... about right.  You know, kinda still wet but starting to ball up on the dough hook.

Crank up Betsy to 'wobble across the counter', set the timer for 10 minutes, and hold Betsy down with one hand while reading with the other.  A couple more tablespoons of flour, as needed.

Once it looked .... um.... done?, I buttered a deep crock and scraped the wet dough in by hand.  Cover and set aside in a warm spot.  In an hour, it's easily doubled.  I fired the oven to 400 to warm up.

The oven goes 'Gabeep Gabeep' to let me know it's at temp, so I shoved a thermometer into the dough and into the oven she went.

30 minutes later, I am back hovering as the remote thermometer is reading 127 degrees, and that last stretch goes FAST.  How fast?  I had enough time to run the sink and start a load of dishes soaking in hot water and vinegar.... that fast.  Suddenly the thermometer is wailing away that it's seeing 197 degrees, my pull temp.

Out of the oven, turned onto the board, and shortly thereafter it's sliced and buttered as our lunch  Herself and I ate half the loaf.  

Ugh..... so much fresh bready goodness......

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