Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tech ramblins

My old Samsung Note 2 phone has been slowing down, and I was considering upgrading. But... it does what I want, and still works fine... except its slowing down. But.... New Shiny! But..... Busted Wallet!

Humph. This morning I DL'ed some sweet AVG and cleaned the old girl up. That, and ditching a few resource hog apps, and it's running high and fine now.

I *may* ditch FaceBook on the mobile as well. The app is ad-swamped, and insists on never, ever, showing me a straight up feed. Every refresh has my friends posts in weird and wonderful orders, with FB demanding to choose what I see or not see. Also, it suddenly wiped my settings and now auto-plays videos after I specifically set it not to. That grates a bit. Okay, it grates a lot.

Seeing as I'm tech minded for the morning, I'm also looking at a home router upgrade. Faster, better, fully bionic.... and something I can control from my phone with an app, LOL.

Yesterday I watched one of my students locking a housemate out of their router since he hadn't paid his share of the bill. HMMMmm says I..... that would be a darned nice option to have, what with a little girl in this house who likes to sneak about and be on the computer WAY after her bedtime.


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freddyboomboom said...

May not be for you, but I upgraded our home wireless network to the Google puck mesh doohickeys.

I bought a three pack.

Now all the wireless networking devices can get good signal all over the house.

And I can see, using the app on my phone, what devices are connected and how much bandwidth each is using (current, last day, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 60 days). Set quality of service for the devices streaming video. Lock out devices.

Just giving my experience. I'm pleased with it.