Saturday, December 29, 2018

When concealed carry turns into open carry.....

PLONK skitter skitter.  That was the sound of Someguys $200 Taurus hitting the sidewalk.

His crime?  A $5 nylon holster (overpriced for what it is), bending over, and a significant lack of what my Dad called 'The Common Sense the good Lord gave a duck'.

It says something for where I live that no one got the least bit excited.  The folks behind us at the hot dog stand didn't seem to care.  Herself and I.... well, she just shut down the tongue lashing she was ready to dish out, and I commented that good holsters are worth every penny. 

That's when he showed me his floppy hunk of nylon junk.

I said "I've had my Galco Jackass Slide for about 15 years.  They cost about 50 bucks, so that works out to a few bucks a year for a good quality leather holster".  I didn't say I've never dropped a pistol I was carrying, because that would have been just pissy.

After Someguy apologized and carried away his hot dogs, the young lady behind us said "I don't care if people carry, but they should be smarter than that about it".

Can't argue with a word of that.

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