Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bits and peaces

Yes, I said Peaces.  It's my blog... I do whut I want.

Peaces, as in I am making a stronger effort to refrain from Politics and Religion ( Is that an echo?) on the Facebook.  There really is so little point trying to discuss a subject with 200 brick walls.  Even when some folks are turning their bricks into missiles and over-handing them at innocent kids.   "My priest said I can hate them!".

In a likewise effort at inner peace, I've decided to work on bringing my pistol skills back on track.  These last few years I've slacked, and ridden my own coat-tails.

There is a certain zen to the art of shooting a pistol well.  It requires shutting out most of the world, and narrowing oneself to the surroundings, and the task at hand.  That is what I find myself craving.  A form of meditation I have heard it called, but with notable physical rewards.

Step one... join the local indoor range when funds are available.  Step two... MAKE the funds be available.
Step three...GO and do it.  Often 

 Anything else required, I have on hand already.  Well.... maybe my elderly G30 can use better sights, but other than that, I'm good.

These Trijicon sights have caught my eye, and landed in the Amazon cart.   We shall see, I suppose.

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