Friday, February 1, 2019

Safety razors and good husbandry

It's time to go prep for my work day.... (Pants... ugh)..... and that started me thinking about shaving and such.

Given the Gillette snufflewumpus, I've been moved to re-try a safety razor I bought a few years ago.   I never really gave it a fair trial at the time, but now I have.  I like it!

A pretty good shave, at least as good as disposables, along with another plus.  It's like stepping back in time, and seeing things from my fathers perspective for just a few moments.  Shaving with a safety razor requires a routine... a ritual... and it's one I find myself looking forward to.  That few minutes are all mine, while I look at myself in the mirror and evaluate who I am on a daily basis.

Today I put shaving soap and a Badger brush in my Amazon cart, to round out the shaving gear.  All told, I will have about $70 invested in what turns out to be YEARS worth of shaving needs.  A box of 100 blades ($15) is likely to last me two years.  The soap ($15) probably 9 months of daily shaving.  The razor, brush, bowl, and stand?  The rest of my life.

Where husbandry, or stewardship, comes into play is this.  No More disposables.  No more plastic headed to the land fill.  No more packaging.  No more ordering packs of razors every few months, with all the packaging and waste that entails.

The waste I generate from shaving all year can be held in one hand, and is harmless to the environment.

I can live with that.


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Bob said...

Have to agree with you. I purchased a safety razor with an Amazon gift card I received for Christmas, and am loving it. Much closer shave than I got from cartridge razors, and the prices for blade refills is cents rather than dollars.