Sunday, November 22, 2020

Elderly eyes...


I have been shooting my entire life.  As a sprout, I set up a range in the longest aisle of the barn, bullet trap and all.  Maybe 5000 rounds of .22LR later, I had figured out the basics of trigger control and open sights. Both pistol and rifle. One round at a time.

I know it was 5000 because dad was cheesed I'd burned through an entire case of .22 in only a couple months.

Now, decidedly far from being a sprout, I find bifocals and pistol shooting to be problematic.  I can still hit what I want, usually in decent time, but it's getting harder. A lot harder.

Time to bow before fate, and embrace new tech while I'm at it.

Of course, now I need a few cases of pistol fodder.... just exactly when the politically driven ammo buying is at it's height.

Oh well..... more than one way to build muscle memory.


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